Submitting PDI Entries

Images should be 1400 pixels x 1050 pixels maximum.

Landscape format images should be no wider than 1400 pixels (height can be any thing up to 1050 pixels but does not have to be 1050) and Portrait format images no higher than 1050 pixels  (as it is portrait format the width will be less than 1050).

Resolution of 72 dpi is preferred but not absolutely essential. 72 dpi keeps file sizes reasonable and the projector has a projected resolution of 72 dpi.

Submitted images should be flattened, high quality JPEG files.

It is good practice to have a narrow, white border around the image so that it is clearly separated from the black projected background.

Image titles should not include the photographer’s name.

Images should be supplied on a USB stick within a folder titled with the photographer’s full name so we know whose images are whose when we load them up onto the laptop later.

The titles of the images should be 1 Image Title and 2 Image Title.

Please ensure correct spelling of all entries – and correct capitalisation of names and entries.


Folder Name: Bilbo Baggins
Files within folder:
   1 The Lonely Mountain
   2 The Running River