Results of the “Presidents Trophy 2016” Print Competition
Judge: Rob Cross

1st: A Little Corner of Devon – Jean Simons
2nd: Slapping on the Lippy – Rob Ings
3rd: St John’s College Chapel – Marie Lakin

Results of Competition held 18th April – PDI – Open
Judge: David Graham

1st: Misty Morning Walk – Jad Winfield
2nd: Rough Water – Geoff Setterfield
3rd – Through the Window – Sue Hartley

1st: Porter – Rob Ings
2nd: Get Back Here Now – Rob Ings
3rd: Autumn Colours – Karl Riley

1st: Blue Tit Landing – Roy Hodgkiss
2nd: Escape – John Simons
3rd: Geared Up – Paddy Ruske

Results of Competition held 21st March – Prints – Architecture
Judge: Peter Clark

1st: Riverside Living – Sue Hartley
2nd: Looking Up – Sue Hartley
3rd: Schwerin Palace – Geoff Setterfield

1st: Little Taj Agra – Kay Williams
2nd: Wells Cathedral West Front – Hilary Thomas
3rd: Fatehpur Sikri Jaipur India – Kay Williams

1st: The Knave Ely Cathedral
2nd: Not Awarded
3rd: Hallgrimskirkja – Paddy Ruske

Results of Competition held 15th February – Prints – Monochrome
Judge: David Keith Jones

1st: Neil Bunting – A Quiet Reflection
2nd: Sue Hartley – Bembridge Windmill
3rd: Neil Bunting – Llanddwyn Island Lighthouse

1st: Rob Ings – Steam Up
2nd: Hilary Thomas – Choristers by Candlelight
3rd: Nola Lovatt – Quadrilaterals by the Score

1st: John Ford – Acqua Alta, Venice
2nd: Graham Williams – Admiring the View
3rd: Light & Shade – Roy Hodgkiss

Results of competition held 18th January – PDI – Local Images.
Judge: Ken Webb.

1st: Neil Bunting – Essex Bridge
2nd: Steve Setterfield – Brindley Bank Sunset
3rd: Sue Hartley – View Across the Pool

1st: Rob Ings – Karting
2nd: Peter Thomas – Candlelit Mass Lichfield Cathedral
3rd: Blithfield Hall Across the Reservoir

1st: David Perry – JCB Digger Man
2nd: Roy Hodgkiss – Kings Bromley Road
3rd: Carole Perry – Fawn on Cannock Chase

Results of competition held 26th October – PDI – Open.
Judge: Barbara Lawton.

1st: Graham Williams: Derwent Water Cottage
2nd: Eugene Kiernan: Stag
3rd: Paddy Ruske: Abstract from Nature

1st: Rob Ings: US Airman
2nd: Peter Thomas: Scissor Arch
3rd: Peter Thomas: View from HMS Warrior

1st: Sue Hartley: Platform Number Two
2nd: Neil Bunting: Steve
3rd: John Sylvester: Make Ready for Work

Results of competition held 5th October 2015 – Prints – Open. Judge: Tony Winfield.

1st: Carole Perry: Angel of the North
2nd: Margaret Beardsmore: Gannet at Bempton Cliffs
3rd: Roy Westwood: Stag

1st: Kay Williams: Palm Trees in the Desert
2nd: John Lewis: Anticipation
3rd: Peter Thomas: Cammarna

1st: Sue Hartley: Sunrise on Bali
2nd: Geoff Setterfield: Tuggin
3rd: John Sylvester: Stalgmites and Stalactites