Club Constitution

Rugeley & Armitage Camera Club
Affiliated to the Photographic Alliance Of Great Britain
through the Midland CountiesPhotographic Federation

Constitution of the Rugeley & Armitage Camera Club
Agreed at the Inaugural General Meeting held on
Monday 26th October 2009 at the Spode Cottage
Rugeley Road, Armitage, Staffordshire
and amended at the Annual General Meeting on
Monday 11th May 2015 held in the Parklands Suite
Of the Hawkesyard Golf Club

Name of Organisation
Rugeley & Armitage Camera Club

Aims and Objectives
To provide now and in the future a club that provides a meeting place to discuss and learn from each other photographic skills, to practice these skills and have opportunities to listen and talk to professionals or other persons invited to the club to talk to members. The club will also discuss and take part in computer photographic software actions that will improve and add to the interest of being an amateur photographer.

The club will also arrange photographic competitions between members, also enter competitions organised by The Midland Counties Photographic Federation or any other photographic competition the committee believe would be of advantage to its members. Visits will also be arranged to photographic places of interest, other camera clubs or organisations that would be of benefit to its members.

Arrange any events or meetings that could be of advantage to its members. Raise funds for the camera club. Take out any insurance considered necessary for the club. Liaise with other organisations. Arrange premises for meetings when necessary. Arrange programme of events etc for weekly meetings

Any person over the age of 18 who is interested in photographic or computer programmes related to photographic interests, can join the club by paying an annual subscription and an attendance fee per meeting. Anyone applying for membership must fill in the membership form provided, and hand to any committee member. There will be three types of membership. (1) Individual Member (2) Member & Partner (3) Family Membership. This membership will include any children of the senior members family under the  age of 18. Anyone under the age of 18 attending club meetings must be accompanied by a parent.

Applications will be considered by the committee following the handing in of the membership form, the applicant will be able to attend meetings whilst the application is waiting for consideration. The committee has the power to refuse membership to anyone or withdraw membership of a member.

An annual subscription will be payable in September of each year, the amount to be decided at each Annual General Meeting. An attendance fee per meeting will be payable by members attending a weekly meeting. Non members are welcome and pay an additional fee these fees also to be decided at the Annual General Meeting.

Meetings: Management Committee Meetings
Will be held at the discretion of the committee. Notification of meetings will be given by the secretary to each management committee member. A quorum for the meeting will be 4. Voting at the meetings will be by a show of hands. Should the vote be equally divided the Chair will have a casting vote.

Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting will be held each year in April or May and the following will be the Agenda for such meetings:

  1. Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
  2. Chairman’s Report
  3. Secretary’s Report
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Membership Secretary’s Report
  6. Proposed changes to the constitution
  7. Election of officers
  8. Any Other business.

Notification of meeting will be given to all members in writing or by email 21 days prior to the meeting. A quorum for the meeting will be 7 members. Each member present at the meeting will have one casting vote. All decisions will be taken by a show of hands of all members present. Should the vote be equal the Chair will have the casting vote.

Management Committee
The Management Committee will be elected at each Annual General Meeting and will consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant  Secretary, Treasurer, Membership/Entertainments Secretary and up to 8 Committee Members, all of whom must be fully paid up members of the club.

Any paid up member may stand for the committee, the application being with the secretary at least 7 days prior to the AGM and must be proposed, seconded and also supported by 3 other members, all of who must be fully paid up members of the club.

The Management Committee may during the year co-opt on to the committee any member they believe could be helpful to the committee and club or to replace any committee member who resigns but any member co-opted must be re-elected along with other officers and committee members at the following Annual General Meeting.

The Management Committee may elect a sub committee at any time should they believe it would be an advantage to the Camera Club.

A member of the Management Committee can be removed, should the committee consider it to be necessary for the good of the club. The  committee member has the right to appeal to the Management Committee whose decision will be final.

All monies raised from what ever source will go towards furthering the aims and objectives of the club. The funds being held in the clubs bank account, for which 2 of 3 following signatories will be required, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer. The Treasurer will prepare a statement of accounts for each management meeting and will also produce annual accounts for the Annual General Meeting plus an up to date bank statement.

A review of the annual accounts will be undertaken by an
independent person elected by the members at the
Annual General Meeting.

Alterations to the Constitution
Amendments to the Constitution can only be amended at an Extraordinary General Meeting or the Annual General Meeting of which the Secretary will give 21 days’ notice of such a meeting, along with the proposed amendments. At least 40% of the membership must be present and 60% of those attending must vote for the amendment otherwise the constitution remains as is.

Should the Management Committee decide to dissolve the club then all members would be asked to vote on any such action with a majority of two thirds of the membership required for the club to be dissolved.
Any monies that the club held at the dissolution of the club, would be donated to a organisation similar to the Rugeley & Armitage Camera Club or a chosen charity.